Site Seeing Tours

Site Seeing Tours

I love to go on site-seeing tours of a city before I decide what I want to visit in depth. Hop on and Off Tour Busses are great, but not if you are handicapped. Besides, you could spend most of your travel day waiting for the next bus. On my last trip to New York City, I arranged for a limo tour.

Hint:    The concierge or valet from your hotel usually has a friend or relative who has a limo and will accommodate you and two others. The limo had room in the trunk for my wheelchair.

You and the driver decide how long a limo tour you want. The cost is by the hour. In two hours (depending on traffic) you could direct the driver to go to where you want, instead of letting him/her decide your itinerary. On one trip to New York we drove past the UN Complex, through Central Park, past Museum Row, and the Dakota (where John Lennon was shot). We even stopped at the building where my husband’s grandfather lived as a child. We crossed the Brooklyn Bridge to Battery Park with a view of the Statue of Liberty.

On our latest trip, we drove to Chinatown, stopping for photos along the way, and ended in Times Square, where we ate a late lunch at an Irish Pub.


On rainy days the best place to visit is museums, and New York has some of the best. We spent one day visiting the NY Museum of Modern Art, and another day at the Guggenheim Museum. The restaurants and cafes in the museums have gourmet lunches.

Hint:    Most museums around the world will lend a wheelchair to guests. Just leave your driver’s license—which is returned when you turn in the wheelchair.


During Grandparents Day at my granddaughter’s school, each student was assigned to write a poem with their guest.  We sat at a table with the famous Erica Jong and her granddaughter. I am a writer, but not as famous as Ms. Jong. Needless to say, I felt intimidated in the presence of the iconic poet and novelist. Luckily, my granddaughter was not affected in the least.


Judy & Erica Jong


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