Mannheim, Germany

Our boat arrived in Mannheim, Germany at 9:30 a.m. After a hasty breakfast, we disembarked for a 5 hour leisure excursion of Heidelberg old town. The Viking shuttle bus drove us from Mannheim to Heidelberg, while the ship cast off for Speyer, Germany.

Mannheim to Heidelberg, Germany

I sat on my walker in the shade and visited with other passengers from my tour group, while Bill climbed into the castle tower with the others and shot photos of the town below. Crowds of tourists were everywhere on the site–bumping into each other. Many of the visitors were from the U.S. or China. We walked from the castle to our waiting shuttle.

We boarded the busses and headed for the old town of Heidelburg, where I had to traverse hilly cobblestone paths using my walker. Bill kindly pushed me on my walker where the cobblestones were flatter, or on the paved street. We were escorted on a ten minute walk to the Church of the Holy Spirit.


In Germany, Protestant churches have a rooster on the steeple, whereas Catholic Churches have a cross.

The Church of the Holy Spirit was located in the old town center, with many stores and restaurants surrounding it—representing every country and culture in the world. I was able to find a pharmacy to buy some things I forgot to pack. I also bought a painting (print) of King Ludwig’s castle. After swatting bees away from my iced tea, we made the 15 minute trek to our shuttle bus. The day was extremely hot and humid, so as tired as I was, I welcomed the air-conditioned bus ride to the docks of Speyer.

We did not eat lunch in Heidelberg, so a buffet of sandwiches and sweets was available at 3:45 p.m. As hot and tired as I was, I made it to the ship’s Aquavit Terrace for refreshment to keep my blood sugar under control. My bowl of cold apple soup was refreshing. By the time I returned to my stateroom, all I could do was drop down on the sofa and fall asleep. Bill attended the daily briefing without me, and brought back a plate from the special Taste of Germany Buffet, consisting of several kinds of meats and sausages. I especially liked the German potato salad, and of course, the large German pretzels.



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