St. Louis, MO

Bill and I traveled to St. Louis for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Big Tent Event. I was keynote speaker for the National Asian Presbyterian Council which preceded the conference, located in the beautiful campus of Washington University. It was strange seeing the campus without crowds of students—but it was summer break.

The campus was too expansive to traverse with my walker. It had been many years since I was a college coed. I forgot how much walking was involved. I was so tired I had to deliver my presentation sitting on my walker. I should have rented a power scooter.  Power scooters are available for rent in most major cities. Vendors will even deliver it to your hotel.

On our way to the airport we were able to visit tourist sites in the city of St. Louis.

Missouri History Museum Library & Research Center

We stopped by the Research Center to look up information on my Leong ancestors. Scanned actual high school yearbooks and archived newspaper articles. Discovered that my father was the only Chinese student who graduated from Central High in 1937, and my grandfather was born in San Diego, CA–not China.


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