New York City – Chapin School and Broadway

May 2  Thursday 

Got to Chapin school by 8:30 in the morning for grandparents day. Breakfast consisted of a quick mini-croissant and container of yogurt. I knew breakfast would be served at the School, but my blood sugar was low, so I had to have something to eat. After quickly wolfing down my food and meds, we were ready to taxi to the Upper Eastside. 

It was a lovely, bright day, and we caught a cab to the school in record time. A staff-person was available to operate the outside lift for me and my wheelchair. I hand plenty of time to transfer to another elevator. We rode to floor one where the lunchroom and registration were located. Chapin School has six floors with an additional two by 2020. Lots of stairs and small elevators. We sat with our granddaughter in her math class where they were learning about fractions by adjusting cooking recipes. Then we transferred with the girls to gym class to watch them play whiffle softball. 

Granddaughter’s collection of Chess Trophies

In the evening, Bill and I enjoyed the musical, Tootsie, which was held in the Marriott Marquis Theater.  I saw the movie several years ago, but this play was better — a laugh a minute. The cast, the music and the stage settings were delightful.

Hint: The Theater has a special ramp for wheelchairs on the third floor and a section for wheelchairs or hardback chairs.

We sat in chairs in the back orchestra section with other wheelchair people and their parties. Fortunately, no one sat in front of us. I asked for and received a hard booster seat as a foot rest because my legs didn’t reach the floor. All through our trip, we made friends with other Accessible Needs people and exchanged information.

May 3  Friday

Leisure wake up enabled us to eat breakfast buffet in the Concierge Lounge. The CL changed system since we last stayed in this

hotel. Instead of security personnel, we had a key to unlock the door.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_7841.jpg
Concierge Lounge in the Marriott Marquis
My electric scooter in Times Square

After taking photos in Times Square, we strolled down to Rockefeller Center. It was crowded with tourists, but with my electric scooter, I got around easily.

It was a warm day, so we were able to “walk” to the August Wilson Theatre to meet Kevin and Alexandra to see the musical, Mean Girls. The play was a lively version of the movie many years ago starring Lindsey Lohan, but with talented young singers and dancers.

August Wilson Theater

Hint: The theater was equipped with a special accessible entrance and an electric lift for wheelchairs. I sat in what I thought was an aisle seat, but they put another patron next to me sitting on a chair. Since I don’t like to sit next to strangers, I exchanged seats with Bill.

May 6, Monday

Our vacation ends. Time to return home. After a large breakfast in the Concierge Lounge, we packed and headed for the JFK Airport. We flew first class, compliments of son Kevin.

First Class seats which lay flat for a bed

We had to wait for security to pat me down, since I wear a Dexcom. I cannot go through the Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT). In first class we had seats that convert into a flat beds. The food was delicious, but I was not very hungry and couldn’t  eat the large portions of tender beef pot roast for lunch. The bathrooms  seem to be cleaner, since it’s used by fewer passengers. I finished watching The Green Book, which I started on our flight east.

First Class Dinner of Pot Roast

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