New York City – The View

May 1, 2019

Woke up early to take a taxi to the ABC studio to see The View. Because I registered with 1iota, I was able to secure free Priority Tickets. There were two long lines at the entrance—one for Priority Ticket holders and one for wait list ticket holders. After standing in line for half an hour, we Priority people entered the building, past security guards, who searched our bags,

then we were seated at tables in the cafeteria to sign release papers in case we were given freebies. We walked to the studio, where lights and cameras filled the entire room.

Lights covered the entire studio ceiling

Hint: ABC studio provides accessible accommodation for wheelchair audience. In fact, the tech suggested I sit in my wheelchair which was more comfortable than the regular chairs. TV requires people to sit close together so the audience looks larger. I sat in my wheelchair in the third row aisle next to Bill.

A warmup comedienne greeted us with jokes and questions about where we were from. As a coincidence, three couples were from Dublin—Ireland, Ohio, and California (me). Many people were from out of
Since it was Abby Huntsman’s Birthday Celebration,

Whoopi talking to the audience during a commercial break

ABC provided a link to Moscow, Russia, where Abby’s father is Ambassador. Interviews included hot topics as well as well wishes for Abby’s Birthday. Whoopi, Joy Behar, Meghan McCain, Abby— who was very pregnant with twins, and Sunny Hostin, entered the stage.

Demonstrating Abby pregnant with twins
Commercial break
Makeup and hair repairs. Meghan checking her phone

During each commercial break, the hosts had their hair and makeup repaired, while conferring with their staff people. At the end of the show, Sunny wheeled a table of cakes onto the stage.

Cannoli birthday cake for Abby
Each studio audience received a Google Hub

I thought we were going to share some of the cannoli cakes, but unfortunately the food was for the staff and crew. Instead, each audience member received a Google Hub.


One thought on “New York City – The View

  1. Sounds like fun. We used to catch a taping or two in LA when we lived in SoCal. Passing out gifts to the studio audience wasn’t a thing back then.


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